Welcome to the Nitrous Oxide Shop

Welcome to the NOS.co.uk we sell a range of nitrous oxide products. From Cream Chargers to Cream Dispensers we are your one stop shop for Nitrous Oxide products. We have stock of Cream Chargers all year round, so you can always rely on us if you are looking to stock your business or if you are looking to whip cream cheaply and conveniently in your own home.

Is whipping cream still costing your business a fortune? Start whipping cream using Nitrous Oxide chargers today and save your business a fortune. By using Cream Chargers and Dispensers you can save your business up to 90% on the price of whipped cream. If you have not used cream chargers or cream dispensers before then please feel free to read our instructional page here. Equally if you are new to using The Nitrous Oxide Shop then please feel free to get in contact to find out how to use our online shop.

NOS.co.uk aims to be the most professional supplier of cream chargers and dispensers in the UK. We offer next delivery and free delivery on almost all of our products and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We offer next day shipping if you order by 5p.m. on the majority of our products. For more details on our shipping times for our Cream Chargers, Cream Dispensers or Bundle Packs please visit our shipping page.

All Of The Worlds Major Brands

Here at NOS.co.uk, we not only exclusivity on some brands of Cream Chargers but we also have contact with the official distributors of all of the main brands in the world. We stock Liss Chargers, Mosa Chargers and Arioso Cream Chargers. We can also source a range of other brands of not only Cream Chargers but also Cream Dispensers. If you are interested in wholesale quantities please get in touch so that we can offer you the very best prices in the UK.

If you have any improvements you would like to see on NOS.co.uk please get in touch. Even if you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience of purchasing our Cream Whipping products please get in touch.

From all the staff here at NOS.co.uk we wish you a pleasant experience with our products and hope to continue to do business with you in the future.